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BBC Three channel to return in January 2022

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Personally I know I'm a bit old at 47 for BBC Three now , but 60 seconds was ideal when I'd finished work, and didn't fancy staying up for the 10 o'clock news. Quick, informative and with the authority of BBC news.

Bring that back and I'll be happy!
Honestly my question is if we are going to get new branding with the launch or if it's going to use the current branding.
To me, it seems like a backward step by the BBC. Granted, the decision to shut down the original channel was an unpopular move, but this just seems like an unnecessary U-turn. If they had decided to keep the channel during the period when they announced it was going to close, then that’s one thing. However, it will have been gone for almost 6 years. 6 years is a long time in Television, more so to the point where the target audience has largely gone elsewhere, whether that is Netflix, or ITV2. How do you crack into getting that young audience back to the BBC?

What are they going to fill the schedules with? The original BBC3 worked because it was able to have acquisitions such as Family Guy and American Dad whilst having their own original content around it. This won’t be the case with the new version.

If you’re the BBC and wanting to get young people watching, get it on iPlayer, showcase it on BBC1 or 2, if need be.

Frankly I think getting the BBC1 Regions in HD is more important than bringing back an old service.
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I think it comes down to ensuring younger licence fee payers have direct access to a BBC television service without having to access the internet.

Obviously BBC Three Mark II is going to be more of a streamlined affair without the American Dad/Family Guy animation block used as a hook to the home grown commissions, but there's enough there to schedule an evening's worth of output.

I hope 60 Seconds also makes a return though.
Now the question is, does this mean anything for BBC Four?

I thought it had been announced already that BBC Four would no longer commission its own programmes and become a archive and forigen language programme channel, sport's coverage would switch back to BBC Three

Didn't they actually announce that programmes would no longer be commissioned by any specific channel? The various BBC programming departments will just commission programmes, and then decide where to put them. So it doesn't mean that BBC Four won't have any new programming.

Just to correct myself - BBC Three will actually continue to have its own programming budget.
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Frankly I think getting the BBC1 Regions in HD is more important than bringing back an old service.

Exactly. But it doesn't sound like there will ever be enough money or concern about it from the BBC.
The regional news is one of the highest rated daily programmes on the country's biggest channel, but is still only available in SD - in 2021! Rolling Eyes
I hope they have the courage to try some sort of daily live show.

Reckon they should do more tie-ins with Radio 1. Move The Live Lounge Show from BBC Four. A Newsbeat show? Music video hours VJ'd by Radio 1 DJs.

Bring back The RDA? Or just get a new up-and-coming comedian who's not patronising to take John Gordillo's place if he doesn't want to do it anymore?
Well this is great news. I'm so happy to hear that BBC Three is coming back to broadcast tv.

Over the last few years; it has made itself work very hard to commit making more programmes for young adult audiences. But in the last few years; it has been a noticeable trend among young people in the UK have been going to other streaming services like prime & netflix.

The return of BBC Three may entice that audience to return if they want to use it in their homes if they are fed up with using streaming services.
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Thank the Lord. I think I am among 100s of TVFers who knew it was a mistake when the previous DG scrapped the linear channel back in 2015. Despite the fact the BBC is not perfect and it pisses me off sometimes, it's a national treasure and the licence fee money is returned in spades every year with quality programmes. Plus, as an instrument of soft power for our country internationally, the BBC is very important.

I know that, in a different thread, I have argued that the end for linear channels without catch-up services was nigh although perhaps 10-20 years off. That said, I do feel this is the right move because iPlayer exists. ISTR that Netflix launched a linear channel in France because a published time for broadcast in a newspaper or on a listings site is a great promotional tool.

I do wonder if, as others have stated in this thread, that the ship has already sailed.

I do know a certain Mr Darthwell will be overjoyed!

I am indeed very overjoyed johnnyboy!
I'm quite excited for this actually. I'd love to see 60 Seconds return and (although less likely) Doctor Who Confidential was one of the main reasons I used to tune into BBC Three so I'd be over the moon if that had a resurgence. Not sure how they're gonna fill the schedules without airing too many repeats though. Nevertheless, I'm all for its return to linear TV.
Are the EastEnders repeats still on W?
Are the EastEnders repeats still on W?

Scrapped it at least 3 years ago

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