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Massive new logo DOG on BBC One HD now.

Good god thats huge!

This dog, and the previous pink box dog are far too low, need to be higher up on the screen.

Why do the BBC (in particular) have zero consistency when it comes to dogs?

ITV dogs are all in the same position onscreen, same for 4 dogs and C5 dogs (now 5Spike has gone).

With the BBC, you have this huge Three dog, too big and too low onscreen, BBC Four dog, too faint and very high up on screen and tight in the corner. Then you have Scotland and Alba right on the other side of the screen in various positions.

The only time I can recall consistent BBC dogs are the very early digital days when BBC Choice, BBC Knowledge, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament all had the same style white dog, top left, all in the same position and same brightness...not like the current mess we have today.