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Nice to see BBC Three back on linear, albeit a strand. I do like the ident they've created for it - although I do think the Nations should use the Network voiceover, which seems more on-brand.
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The amount of regional variations means it might not be practical to have the BBC Three announcer in all the nations.

For example, on BBC One Scotland tonight, they've got Holby City in the middle of the 2 BBC Three programmes, with Northern Ireland and Wales showing the BBC Three strand at a later time because of regional programmes at 10:35pm.
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Simple. Make sure the announcements don't say what time it is, and say the second programme is on "later", not "next". That way, the same pre-recorded announcements can be used in England, Scotland, NI, and Wales.

Or just pre-record different announcements?
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BBC Scotland now has the BBC 3 ident.