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(March 2005)

So, what's the future going to be for BBC 3 & 4? With the future launch of ITV4, the BBC have to take into consideration that ITV are catching up, digital channels wise & it may be a good idea to give the two channels a complete overhaul i.e. a revamp - ident & schedule wise, with new fresh programmes, better airing times - how about 24 hours instead of this nonsense of starting @ 7. If some changes were made, it could boost these channels because just now I think they are a complete waste of time.

I think eventually the Beeb will change the transmission times as they will realise this is part to blame for falling ratings. Is it not true that ITV2 is now beating either BBC3 and 4 or even both?!

What are your views:_
how about taking part in the test the nation special on bbcone at the moment?
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I very much doubt BBC 4 would be able to match CBeebies ratings in the daytime.
Mr D'Arcy (previously TV Fetish) West Country (East) Points West
I don't think BBC3 or BBC4 need to do anything at present. For a start BBC3 audience is beginning to show signs of growth. I'm sure programming such as Casanova and Little Britain will help in flourish.

BBC4 is a cool channel, if a little too upmarket but it does do nostalgia very well. I also don't see a need for them to be 18 or 24 hour.
The BBC wont broadcast BBC3 and 4 for any more hours then at present because they time share with CBeebies and CBBC on Freeview. Since the BBC are the main backers of Freeview, and its about to be the largest digital platform, they wont purposly put these viewers at a disadvantage over those on Dsat and Cable.
Secondly, ITV can launch as many channels as they want, but the BBC should not play a race on this issue. So what if ITV overtake the BBC with their digital channels, to me it should be an issue of quality over quantity, and the proposed ITV4 sounds dire! The only thing I'd want to change at BBC3 is to show less repeats, and try and lobby the government to relax the rule on the number imported programmes they can show.

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