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The 'blob era' was the best look BBC 3 ever had, it was a shame they dropped it entirely instead of evolving it like BBC 2's '2' has been.

audiences found them "cold

I'm sure they could've taken the Personality 2's yellow studio... Wink
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The other point that gets ignored in a lot of discussions about moving BBC Three to online is that to watch online you need an internet connection of some sort. These are very seldom zero cost - so you are effectively moving from a free-to-view platform to one that requires payment in addition to the licence fee to watch.

Well, yes and no.

The same argument regarding "payment in addition to the licence fee" could have been made in 1950 about the cost of renting a TV set, paying for a connection to the electricity grid, and paying for the electricity itself.

Just because we tend to buy TVs nowadays and don't tend to view an electricity connection as an optional luxury doesn't mean life was always that way (nor that the marginal costs have disappeared). More homes have broadband today than were connected to electricity in 1950.
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People Just Do Nothing has been recommissioned for two more series. If BBC Three loses it's linear slot in January, then it'll premier on iPlayer first.


I think the fact the first series premiered online and the second on BBC3 itself sums up how stupid the move to axe BBC3 is.
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