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Central (West) Midlands Today
Did anyone catch today's points of view. It was an interview special with Zai Bennett who didn't really answer the viewers questions imo. What did you think?

For example, two questions related to the 'next/later' programme strap, and the channel DOG, both of which he dismissed saying that the target audience for the channel are used to seeing straps and dogs on other networks. It didn't really answer why BBC Three specifically do it, instead it is an answer similar to 'they do it, and that's why we do it too'.

I thought so too, basically he's referring to ITV2 and E4. Yes they do it, but they have a commercial interest to retain their audience. And they don't do it half as horribly as BBC Three does.

I also found it astonishing he'd never seen Click (thought I was perplexed they put that question to him, as it's a programme that would be more suited to BBC Two).

I also thought that about click, though I think they were trying to include many questions and they could with it being the last in the series, and then aiming them at Zai. And I agree with your points, the diagonal design is foul. It's something that would have been slated in the mocks forum.

I do watch these point of view interviews and wish that Jeremy would fight the viewers corner and argue things rather than just accept things, I think more things got resolved under wogan's era.