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If anyone's still after the music from the BBC Three idents, I recomend you get the Little Britan DVD, other than the facts its amazing, it also has two full BBC Three Little Britan themed idents, one of which has the BBC Three music.

Anyway my question is.., looking at the BBC Three ident's page the "vikki" ident is diffrent to the one from the DVD (which I hadent seen) it's almost identical only BBC Three's was more zoomed in on the blobs, are diffrent versions of idents always made if so where do there all go...?

Do other comedys/dvd etc do this? Contain idents of other material that was used to publaise the thing itself?

Computer says No...
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malcyb from WEBFAX posted:
The U.S.A version of one of the Wallace & Gromit Videos had the Wallace & Gromit BBC-2 Christmas Idents at the end.

The UK version does too. The main ident and all the stings.