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In my experience the Freeview MHEG5 digital text service is by far the quickest to use on a modern TV. The Sky version is slower, and the Connected Red Button stuff is pretty, but less easy to navigate quickly. (Page numbers are still a good way of quickly navigating to the information you want from a TV remote)

How many use the TV based info services though ? There's so much talk of 'second screen' these days,
which in reality means you whip your smart phone out of your pocket, and use that for browsing data, extra info etc etc ?

I know a lot of older people have simply replaced CEEFAX with Digital Text. I often see my parents and my in-laws use it instead of their iPads. Particularly for sport.

You're lucky

My mother can just about change channel on her telly, although lots of 22, 33, 44 etc instead on 2, 3, 4 etc I'm still struggling to get her to able to select iplayer programmes, she can cope with DVDs, though she ends up watching all the episodes in a row per disc, as she gets confused by the episode selection menus. In fact she gets confused by DVD menus, because of course they are all customised differently per disc. What would be nice is a DVD player that ignores all that crap, and just gives straightforward episode selection in a uniform plain manner. The PVR is sadly beyond her capabilities, can't grasp what's live via the PVR tuner, and what's not. She can just about cope with Whatsapp on an old iphone I gave her.

My mother in law was better, and quite a whiz with the ipad, enough that she would Facetime me for any technical/TV menu problems !