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BBC Television: Children In Need 2011

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Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
David posted:
What is the sustaining feed for the regional opts? What are BBC One HD showing?

Whenever we go back to London, we seem to hear the end of a Rock and/or Roll song. Where is this coming from? Is that the London opt?

Leeds managed to miss an opt (on Satellite, at least), the one between Eastenders and the Muppets. After Terry threw to the nations we got a couple of minutes of the song that was performed in the various regions then it crashed back to London's regional OB. Towards the end of the opt the pre-opt cue dots that Leeds use to test the opt before they do it appeared, followed by a caption with the regional total.
Write that down in your copybook now.
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
There was also the bit on one of the OBs where Amy Garcia wrapped it up before realising they had about another 20 secs on air, which was fun.
Inspector Sands
David posted:
It's the big one that I feel sorry for. He is [checks wikipedia] 15 years old but is still billed as [one of] 'the kids from Outnumbered'. He is practically a fully grown man with facial hair. I suppose it is all paid work, apart from the bits that aren't like maybe The Monkees routine from tonight. I bet he feels like a proper nana doing all the mucking about with the kids.

He's probably beyond embarrassment considering who his father is! Wink

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