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Alas, I won't be able to see this in my region. But, from what I've read on Twitter, there's already a nice buzz around the TVC as is normally the case on CIN day. Furthermore, the stills I saw of what would normally be my favorite segment (BBC Newsreaders, of course) looks mightily entertaining this year.

Susannah Reid, Sian Williams, Sophie Raworth, Emily Maitlis and Angela Rippon are representing BBC News this year.

Good luck to all involved in this year's jamboree, and as always, I look forward to my colleagues and friends here at TVF in posting updates well Into the night so that us farawaypeople can read all about it in the morning.

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I'm not sure I'm too happy about the newsreaders performance being pre-recorded (or atleast I think it is) and I think its being screened a lot earlier this year, around 8pm I think, as opposed to the usual 10:35 slot.

I hope the set is a lot nice this year too, last years was very odd and there didn't seem to be many people in the audience.
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Wasn't last year's set for CiN built around the Strictly set that was in TC1 at the time? This year they're in Wembley so they shouldn't be a problem. Last year's studio was a bit of a let down IMO.

I count myself as a fan of the newsreaders this year. Susanna Reid is going to be a particular highlight by the looks of it!!
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I hope the set is a lot nice this year too, last years was very odd and there didn't seem to be many people in the audience.

The problem with last years set is that it appeared very tall on screen, but like you said, it felt like there wasn't much room for an audience. With the previous set been used for a few years, the same set may be back this year. I'd hope for something brighter to fill the studio, rather than something majorively black. Thinking back, this years comic relief set Wasn't very impressive. I suppose the argument is, when it's something for charity, how much should be spent on the set & set design?

From a few bits that I've seen between BBC One programmes this week, it appears that there are updated version of the 3D Pudsey which make him a bit cuter and more like the cuddly toys available.
Tumbly wumbly's not here yet, haven't truly got a handle on this year's proceedings until I hear his thoughts.