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(September 2001)

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Right, finally, I see viewers in the south east are getting Newsroom South East revamped to South East Today, starting on Monday 3rd September.

Let's hope it will be better than Newsroom SE. First they improve it by getting rid of Mike Embley (yippee!) and now they change the name (keep on rollin'!).

Put your views on it here, in this topic, once you see it for the first time tomorrow.

P.S If anyone knows if there is a BBC website, please let me know - thanks!
itsrobert Founding member
BBC South East Today Online
Cheers m8.
Andrew Founding member
I wonder what the announcements will be like? Maybe they might do something like Look North do
'Across Kent, Sussex and the Medway Towns, this is BBC ONE with South East Today presented by Laurie Mayer'

or maybe It'll be a boring 'The news in the South East now on BBC One.....'
more importantly, what will bbc one london's announcment be

Coming to you from the capital, this is the news on BBC One London, with Julles Botfield
Andrew Founding member
It looks like tommorow 6-7pm will be a very interesting time for Forum members in London, the South East, a bit of the South and of course the North!
BillyH Founding member
Did someone capture the first bulletin?
Please send it to me!
Unusal presenter on NSE,and backgrond slightly bluer.
He's a regular - called Michael somethingorother - i can't remember his name but he's been on it for ages

He's called Mike Ramsden.

Only change on NSE this morning - a considerably zoomed in weather map.

According to Ceefax, we're still BBC South East.
Aaron J Tibbett
I don't think the CSO thing, or whatever they use to make the Thames appear behind the presenter is the best I've seen.

You can see a slight white border all the way round the presenter, and I'm sure it looked better the other week, when they first moved to Central London.

Anyone down in Kent & Sussex area, know how the first bulletin went?
What I think might happen is that some unexperienced new technician in Tunbridge Wells will press the wrong button, proabably a self-opt button, while Laurie Mayer is saying something, and then South East Today will suddenly see Newsroom South East again!
The first couple of bulletins went fine, bar some quiet sound in one report. It was done at the desk, as opposed to an armchair.

The astons are very good - yellow, with a South East Today logo on the end.

The presenter was Ceri Thompson

Ceefax South East Pages are the same as before, but with one extra page for Kent and East Sussex news.

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