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(April 2001)

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Nick D
I live in Leeds, and I am wondering where the closest BBC SHOP is, could anyone please tell me? Or give me a list. Also, do they sell BBC News things, and what?

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Nick D
anybody, any ideas, don't all speak at once or anything!
I have no idea where any BBC Shops are- in fact, i didn't even know there were any!!
Nick D
thanks anyway, there are some, but where!!!!!!
rob Founding member
There are 2 bbc shops i know of. But both are in london.
One is at the BBC Experience, at broadcasting house and the other is only avalable to people who visit tv center. theres info on tv center tours/ audiences on the bbc web site.
(i went on a tour of the bbc last year but they didnt have any news stuff unlike NBC who have loads of news stuff Even NNBC News cuflinks.....How usefull....)
Bail Moderator
this probally wont help but theres one in Chichester in the souht of england, i've been to it and it brillinat ut leeds, sorry mate no idea, i'll have a llok round, have you tried the beebs site?
I'm not aware of any BBC shops in Liverpool. Smile
Steve Founding member
I'm near Manchester, but to my knowledge their Oxford Road studios don't sell stuff.
Granada did, of course, have their own studios tour ( well, sort of - you didn't get IN the studios ) and sold their own merchandise - but alas - now closed.
Otherwise BBC Broadcasting House, London I think.
Martin Founding member
Yes ive been to the one in TVC its great with lots of merchandise
Nick D
Thanks Anyway! Anybody else know where the nearest BBC SHOP from Leeds is? PLEASE!!!!!!
How about Smile
Nick D
Well I tried that but it doesn't have BBC Merchanise i.e. BBC News Mouse Mat etc.

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