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BBC Select to return as a brand

New North American streaming service

deejay Oxford
'Masterbrand' is how the BBC actually refers to the BBC Blocks.
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Mike W London London
Maybe I’m just being weird but it’s a horrible phrase... it makes sense but it just seems too technical for what it is.

But no the reason I doubted the article is the comment from Deejay, not the use of that word in isolation.
deejay Oxford
It is a bit Orwellian sounding! Just added to the thread for information really.

I wonder if the BBC Select logo is so homemade looking because it’s an arms-length thing from the BBC itself? On the branding intranet site I couldn’t find any reference to it at all, only domestic brands like BBC One et al and the blocks themselves. I wonder whether those responsible for the brand didn’t have access to the BBC intranet and maybe didn’t simply have the artwork (or the knowledge, or both) to start with, so made their own?
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Pete Founding member North Reporting Scotland
All I'm saying is you can't download the EPS of the logo from a public site any more and look what happens...
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