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BBC Scotland - the launch

Split from BBC Scotland channel - service to also launch in HD

tightrope78 Recently warned UTV Newsline
I’m not Scottish but I found myself watching them every day when the News Channel were showing them. I often found them direct, apolitical and very well explained so that anyone could easily understand what was being said. In other words the opposite of the Downing St briefings.
tellyblues North Reporting Scotland
From a ratings point of view, I suppose, no briefings means we can see the exact figures other programmes are pulling in.

For 31/08-06/09, surprised that not one of the episodes of Guilt made the list (below 29k). Lack of promotion, too fresh in the memory, The Nine getting in the way?

Burnistoun doing abysmally, though to be fair, it doesn't have the same wide appeal as Still Game or Rab C Nesbitt.

The BBC Scotland director, Donalda MacKinnon, insisted there had never been any intention to stop coverage

Should have said that at the start then, and in the complaints response... Smells like BS to me.
SOL Central Reporting Scotland
It is. Ian Small said in an interview that aside from the last 2 weeks, things were essentially going back to some kind of normality in that people were going back to work; school, bars and restaurants etc. That doesn’t match what Donalda is saying there.

I think people would give them more grace if they just accepted they made a poor judgment and apologised instead of trying to bury it.
tellyblues North Reporting Scotland
Inside The Zoo attracted 128k in its first episode so that will likely be recommissioned if it holds up.

Getting Hitched Asian Style doing well first showing on Wednesday and the repeat on Sunday so could possibly manage another series, pandemic permitting.

Big Scottish Book Club has been given a second series:
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Thought it be worth mentioning that BBC Radio Scotland has a new Reith logo. Twitter not updated yet though.

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