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kernow1,309 posts since 18 Jan 2006
In the latest Digiguide update, BBC 2 Scotland has been added back to the channel list.

I got that too, not sure why.

It could be because they're planning to close BBC Scotland and relaunch BBC 2 Scotland, but I think it's more likely to be a technical error, given the current state of the BBC listings, which as reported elsewhere on here have been a bit of a mess for a while now.
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Creating and launching the BBC Scotland Channel has been a complete waste of money. They should have sought to use BBC Alba by making it 24 hour programming. Could have quite easily had Gaelic programmes during the day mixed with new Scotland produced programmes. News updates branded as 'Reporting Scotland', a name Scots know, would also be good. Local TV doesn't work in the UK because it becomes a vanity project for the people involved and totally miss what their aim is. I understand Scotland is a country part of the UK, but national and international news is already well covered on the main channels.
Jamesypoo1,445 posts since 3 Apr 2005
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Does "the BBC Scotland channel" as they like to refer to it actually cost that much more than BBC Two Scotland and how do the ratings stack up against the opt-out programmes on BBC Two Scotland?

The real measures of this are whether or not more people are tuning in for Scottish content than they were when it was on BBC Two Scotland and how BBC Two Scotland viewing figures have been affected (if at all).

If BBC Two (and One) Scotland figures at least the same (if not higher, due to people being able to watch programmes which may previously have been opted-out of) in addition to the new channel figures, then the BBC may well view it as a success as there are more eyeballs on BBC content and increased choice for the license fee payer.
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