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It should get some decent figures for this. Could we get a million?
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Something which could easily be a network programme is Rewind 1990s, which does feature some Scottish content, but it also features a lot of content from other parts of the UK and abroad.

I'd say it features more non-Scottish content than Scottish content.
Most of rewind ..... is recycle from BBC Alba. There is scottish stuff like comedies and of course some drama could also be networked. Its like tvam you have to try everything.

Glasgow been trying to get the network to pick up river city for years.
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What are your thoughts about the channel? We are more than 1 month in now... do you like the programming? Do you like the idents, the on screen menus and announcers?
I have watched some of the channel, I do like the idents but only five has turned up, where is the 6th? also one seem to only appear in daytime in SD.

Programme, its a real mix bag, I can understand why the TVAM approach has been done, however some of the shows are crap, some a pretty good and some just need more time. I just think BBC scotland approach to news is still bland and boring, That Entermanint 15min show needs another repeat.

Debate night has promise and so does people news.