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Programmes like Disclosure and BBC Wales Investigates do get UK wide airings on BBC News without being rebranded.

There isn't a hope in hell of a CA programme only known to Scots getting a primetime slot on BBC ONE. Panorama rates badly enough as it is. An unknown brand like Disclosure would do even worse. Spotlight from BBC N.I has been rebranded numerous times for BBC ONE.

For the last 6 weeks BBC4 have been airing a special Spotlight series about The troubles on BBC4 with the branding remaining.
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I’ll treat this as a ‘Panorama’ thread.

David Dimbleby is at the helm of tonight’s Panorama Brexit special. I wonder when the last time Dimblebot was on Panorama?

I'm transfixed by the fact that DD is wearing the same shirt and jacket in every shot, it's been filmed in multiple locations over several days
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