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UTV Newsline
It's a bit "youth TV" in looks with those multi-coloured straps behind the seating. Is it supposed to be a serious news programme or a lighter look at the days news? The set certainly makes it seem like the latter. If so, then good for them, I like it. If it's the former, then oh dear...
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Info from the Media Centre article:
BBC Media Centre posted:
The flagship news programme will be at the heart of the schedules, broadcasting Monday-Friday between 9-10pm in addition to weekend bulletins. Rebecca and Martin will co-present Monday-Thursday while Laura Miller and John Beattie will present the news hour each Friday.

Weekend coverage comprises a 15-minute bulletin on Saturday evenings at 7pm followed by a 45-minute review programme presented by Fiona Stalker and Nick Sheridan. On Sundays, the 15-minute 7.00pm bulletin will be presented by Lucy Whyte. The programme will have a distinct social media presence and audiences will be able to access the best of The Nine on digital platforms.

My tweet was read out on BBC Four's Eurovision coverage and Rylan Clark-Neal replied to it. That's all.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Quite surprised they've been allowed to ditch the (dated) corporate generic branding but it is all the better for it.

Nobody will watch it mind, just like nobody watched STV News at 7 or the BBC2 Scotland bulletins later in the evening.
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I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
I find the purple a bit dated. Also the atrium style has been done to death.

Happened to catch Wales Live this evening and was very impressed with their set. Far prefer it to The Nine set.

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