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BBC Scotland channel - service to also launch in HD

Final approval given by Ofcom, launching in 2019 (March 2018)

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I have to agree I totally fail to see the point of this, especially when services such as BBC Three have been cut in recent years. A Scottish Six would have ultimately placated more people.

I give it five years.

I can just imagine the thoughts of someone at the BBC right now.

'Ere, David - this Scotland channel needs some idents, what we gonna do? There's no budget - we can't even afford a turntable and some wooden characters'. 'No worries Jim, some Martin Parr guy's just dropboxed me some iPhone footage of 6 men in kilts standing around in the Highlands. Sorry, it's actually 5 men and 1 woman who resembles Nicola Sturgeon, apparently he wasn't allowed to just use men in the shot. Oh, wait a minute, it seems we've also got some video of a group of farmers eating Haggis and singing Auld Lang Syne as well'. 'Oh right, that'll do for Christmas and New Year I supppose... but wait - we need a catchy name, we can't afford perfect curve and Oneness has worked so well on the other side. I tell ya what, we'll call it Scot... Scot... - hang on, it's coming, Murray - BBC Murray'. 'Oh, we better not do that, it'll cheese off Fergie'. 'No, i'll tell you what - we'll call it BBC Scotland 24'. 'I get your drift, but, actually I prefer the BBC Scotland channel, but here's the thing - to make it on brand, on the channel itself you must call it BBC Scotland but when trailing it elsewhere you must say The BBC Scotland channel' with a lower case letter C... and, anyone who, in the unlikely event says the wrong thing, has to put one Euro, sorry, pound in a swear box'. 'Excellent, that's settled - now I wonder if we can get that Lambie Nairn bloke to rework that 2 Optics ident from 1992? 'Nah, I preferred those window ones'.
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Could you imagine if the idents were just Oneness idents but just BBC Scotland at the bottom of the screen instead? I shudder at the thought.
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Why not use bbc alba idents
Inspector Sands
Why not use bbc alba idents

Why would they use the same ident as an other channel? That's like BBC2 using BBC4's

Anyway aren't Alba's all scenes from the northern parts of Scotland?
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Anything is better than Windows or onemess.
Lou Scannon
Anything is better than Windows or onemess .

I'm unsure whether that spelling was intentional or not (given how the 623058 syntax generally is), but it's an apt name for BBC One's current idents. Thumbs up
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Anyway aren't Alba's all scenes from the northern parts of Scotland?

Not at all, there are a fair few images from southern parts in them.

113 days later

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An update to the BBC's website has revealed the proposed launch date of the new BBC Scotland channel.

Schedule pages show that the channel is preparing to launch on Sunday 24th February 2019, enabling it to benefit from a prime weekend launch slot.

With a proposed weekend launch, it follows in the footsteps of BBC Three, which also originally launched on a Sunday (09/02/2003). BBC Four launched on a Saturday (02/03/2002).

A similar website update last week revealed launch information for BBC Two Wales HD and the until then unannounced BBC Two Northern Ireland HD - both of which have now been confirmed by the BBC.

The BBC Scotland channel will feature a core schedule of programmes between 7pm and midnight, with an hour of news at 9pm on weeknights, featuring reports from Scotland, the UK and the world.

Before 7pm, BBC Scotland TV will feature programmes previously shown on BBC Two Scotland that are moving across to the new channel.

As a result of the new channel launch, BBC Two Scotland will close. Viewers in Scotland will see the same BBC Two schedule as in England from the end of February 2019.

Due to capacity restraints, on Freeview HD, CBBC HD in Scotland will adopt new hours, meaning the channel will close at 7pm instead of 9pm. CBBC programmes continue on Freeview Scotland in standard definition only until 9pm. BBC Scotland HD will be available on Freeview Scotland from 7pm-midnight only; the standard definition channel will be available for all of BBC Scotland's broadcast hours between midday and midnight.

The full CBBC HD and BBC Scotland HD schedules will be available on other platforms within Scotland.

Beyond Scotland, BBC Scotland SD and HD will be carried on satellite and the iPlayer.

Channel numbers for the BBC Scotland channel have yet to be confirmed.

And as the BBC have to save £800m by 2021 this is even trickier to justify.
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I say cut the world service, Foreign office used to be pay for it sod it. Also lets put up the fee up £1 a year.
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Some programming info was published last week.

I guess with a news hour, those new commissions and the stuff shunted over from BBC TWO Scotland there should be enough to work with. However, recommissioning things like the "Scot Squad" police comedy shows little imagination. It's already had four series and the jokes were getting very tired/thin.

Don't know what the situation will be with repeats or stuff from the archives, but a disappointment for me is that they are still keeping the dreadful River City soap on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC ONE Scotland as well as showing it on this new channel. It's dire.

EDIT: I just realised it's 50% repeats, 50% new content. Hmmm.
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River city is actually popular.. I still don't see the need for this new channel either, BBC 2 scotland can work rather well with the current content. Heck it gives BBC 2 more purpose with all the opt outs and network content.

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