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BBC Scotland breakdown 27/09/19

During the Friday night football match (September 2019)

Curto21 North Reporting Scotland
BBC Scotland has just had a fault during the football match between Queen of the South And Dundee

The satellite failed just before kick off for the second half
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Curto21 North Reporting Scotland
I've managed to get some images of the breakdown

It happened just before kick-off for the second half of the game. The presenters were looking ahead to tomorrows games when the picture froze.

Then a scrolling blank screen replaced the frozen image from the left working it's why to the right.

The black screen lasted around 20-25 seconds before a BBC Scotland fault slide came up which was the shopping center ident but with the BBC Scotland logo staying at a clear colour instead of the pink colour it normally shows. Also, the apology caption was just slapped to the top right of the screen.

Then the announcer apologized for the technical problems and said he would keep us updated.

Although he didn't need to as pictures resumed 10 seconds later.

The pictures did still have problems through the first minute of the second half although this was not as major as the first one and the scoreline graphic shown at the top left of the screen didn't come back till around the 60 minute mark.

And for those wondering the game finished Queen Of The South 1-1 Dundee FC.
That's TV and Local Television Ltd are the Carlton and Granada of local tv
thegeek Founding member London London
Not a satellite failure, this one...

The freeze and silence, and rather unusual way the picture fell off air suggests that the satellite uplink was fine, but the encoder lost its input.

When the pictures returned, we spent a good few minutes of the match on camera 1 only, with not much in the way of crowd effects. We then got a bit of a glitch, and things got back to relative normality (with other cameras and replays), but it was about 10 minutes into the second half before graphics returned.

The commentators referred to a major power failure. I think what happened was that the scanner lost power, but the uplink truck was running on a generator. Generally speaking an OB truck will have one camera protected by a UPS - for a football match this will be camera 1, the one on the halfway line - with the commentary microphones embedded. This is available to the uplink to switch to if needed, and that's what they did here.
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