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Had my first real niggle with Connected Red Button this evening.

Pressed red for the Casualty special, easy enough, then had to scroll to the picture of two characters for the red button feed. The loading of the red button channel was much slower than the old MHEG version.
davidhorman2,259 posts since 8 Mar 2005
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The old red button just takes me to channel 601 for the Casualty special. The, ahem, "improved" red button seems to display the exact same stream (same quality, anyway, and it's in sync with 601) but takes longer (as above) and strips me of any options to pause/rewind/record, etc. And then leaves me with a blank screen when I click close...
Brekkie32,595 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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You would think for such content where the programme has a start point the "connected" version would take you to an iPlayer version of it so you can watch it from the beginning.

Also not sure if it was a mistake but when browsing yesterday on the old red button the news stories were all in the grey/yellow associated with BBC Sport rather than the red you expect of BBC News.
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noggin14,646 posts since 26 Jun 2001
Personally I'd prefer at least a 720i IPTV version of the 601 channel.

Do you mean 720p?

There's no such standard as 720i in broadcast video - and it would be unlikely for any streamed service, other than to DVB IPTV boxes, to carry an interlaced (indicated by the "i") signal as deinterlacing is something phones, tablets and computers aren't great at. (Decent deinterlacing takes reasonable amounts of processing)