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With Look North now officially covering Lincolnshire and now acknowledging it, Shouldn't BBC Radio Lincolnshire be passed over to BBC North.

It is currently controlled by BBC East Midlands.

Also, has there been any reduction in Lincolnshire news covered on BBC East Midlands Today, are/should people be encouraged to point their ariel at Belmont?
Well I dont think local BBC radio stations are 'operated' by any local BBC TV regions. I say this because, until recently, the town I live in, Buxton, did not have a BBC local radio station. But a few weeks ago we started getting BBC Radio Derby, but Buxton's TV region is North West!. So if local TV regions did operate local radio stations, Buxton would almost certainly get BBC GMR.
Then there's BBC Southern Counties Radio, which covers such a large area it's now divided between three different news programmes - South East Today in East Sussex, South Today in West Sussex, and BBC London News in Surrey. But they have always seemed to assume we all get South Today which I find rather annoying.