I Hate HTV West
I'm with Cheshirec on this one!
BBC Creative Services (under Steve Martin) have been slowly re-branding all the BBC stations. They don't all have the same jingles but they have elements in common.
It's a good idea because it means BBC Local Radio can have national campaigns on the TV and it still be recognisable to listeners etc.

Did I not make that point a page and a half ago Smile Lol - just kidding ...

I could have swore I put the Wiltshire Sound jingle package on their website ages ago ... but I obviously didn't - the only one I can find is their sport one, which is a Steve Martin production ...

Along with some great commentary clips - listen to the Jimmy Glass one from Radio Cumbria!

Listen here

It's worth it!
Steve Naylor posted:
I agree - the BBC Radio Merseyside jingle is brilliant!!

The current Merseyside ident was produced by the folks who did the original BBC Radio 5 Live package (The Voice and Music Co. Ltd), but even longer ago!

Make the most of it - new idents are coming to BBC Radio Merseyside very soon. They're a lot fresher and more contemporary - hope they grow on you.

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