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(April 2001)

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Seeing as the Westminister Live program has gone corporate, what do you reckon to BBC Parliament turning corporate in the coming months?
well if you think about it, are they not already part the way there with the house of lords....... well its red isn't it?
Asa Admin
The identity of BBC Parliment is well suited to its purpose. There's simply no point in bringing in the corporate look. It will definitely not be high up (or even on) the Beeb's list of things to do for quite some time!

Cheers, Asa
I don't think it would matter really. They only average an audience of 2, and that's Tony and Alistair.
Big Phil
Is BBC Parliament actually run by the BBC? I know it's a silly question, but it used to be called the Parliamentary Channel, didn't it? Didn't the BBC just buy it and, presumably, allow the previous owners to carry on running it, hence the lack of the corporate graphics?
Isonstine Founding member
I think that was what happened, the BBC just provide the graphics and astons for the channel, I think it is still run by the parliamentary channel company. Unless anyone knows any different.

A bit like S4C2, the BBC are the service providers but S4C is the broadcaster, the same but the other way round.

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