Its called Saving Planet Earth Live and so far we have had a song by Avril Lavigne, a pre-recorded report and now Alan Titchmarsh is interviewing David Attenborough. However, the EPG says it should just be an regular episode of Planet Earth as does the BBC website... http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone/listings/programme.shtml?service_id=4223&filename=20070706/20070706_1900_4223_13853_60

Was this a last minute change? The EPG has EastEnders starting at 8pm but Alan Titchmarsh has just said "Don't worry EastEnders fans, it will be on at 8pm" as if that was a change to the schedule (the subtitles said it was on at 9pm).
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The Metro TV section today listed Saving Planet Earth from 7-8pm and Saving Planet Earth Live from 8:30-10pm, with both as their "Pick Of The Day" [replete with Graham Bloody Norton picture] and an Eastenders sandwiched in-between from 8-8:30pm.

Not a last-minute change.