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What is this on BBC One right now?

(July 2007)

Its called Saving Planet Earth Live and so far we have had a song by Avril Lavigne, a pre-recorded report and now Alan Titchmarsh is interviewing David Attenborough. However, the EPG says it should just be an regular episode of Planet Earth as does the BBC website...

Was this a last minute change? The EPG has EastEnders starting at 8pm but Alan Titchmarsh has just said "Don't worry EastEnders fans, it will be on at 8pm" as if that was a change to the schedule (the subtitles said it was on at 9pm).
Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
On my Freeview it does say it's a "fund raising" event - no mention of a regular Planet Earth show.
The Metro TV section today listed Saving Planet Earth from 7-8pm and Saving Planet Earth Live from 8:30-10pm, with both as their "Pick Of The Day" [replete with Graham Bloody Norton picture] and an Eastenders sandwiched in-between from 8-8:30pm.

Not a last-minute change.

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