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MrTambourineMan2 posts since 9 Feb 2011 new member
Granada North West Today
I’m hoping someone can help with a question I have about BBC One idents from a few years ago.

The exact time these idents appeared on BBC One was early in the morning of 24th January 2005 at 01:35 – 01:40. The BBC One schedule that night was:

Sun 23rd Jan 2005
22:18, Film: The American President, [105]
Mon 24th Jan 2005
00:05, Film: Simply Irresistable, [89],
01:35 *** short idents in question***
01:40, BBC News 24 – presented by Alastair Yates

I have searched for further info on these short clips between the film Simply Irresistable and BBC News 24 but can’t find anything other than a discussion on here around the same date and time discussing BBC One idents that appeared odd on the day in question: http://www.tvforum.co.uk/tvhome/extended-bbc-one-idents-sunday-14233/

If anyone can shed any light on the idents from 23/24 January 2005 I would really appreciate it…
Michael3,988 posts since 5 Sep 2005
Why? What possible use could you have for such bizarre, obscure knowledge? Are you doing the world's hardest pub quiz?

Also, what brand of optimism do you have in hoping that one of us would even know? I guess, at a stretch, you may strike lucky in that one of our members is a CA or other BBC1 Continuity official who could access the logs (if they exist) , but it's the longest of long shots. We have more hope of tellyboxPLUS using a comma.
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
If I had to place money, it'd probably go on Capoeira or Skateboarding - but that is a total guess based on what I recall being used most frequently in to News 24. Whatever is this for?
Jonny3,897 posts since 27 Nov 2006
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
From what I can decipher, you're in search of information regarding re-edited/shortened versions of the Dancer idents which you believe were broadcast, in error or otherwise, prior to the News 24 handover on the day specified?

In the link attached, members are discussing unusually long playouts of the idents on the day prior, thought by some to have meant an imminent presentational change, which in reality never came about (with the brief exception of the N24 handover in question)? Correct?

We have more hope of tellyboxPLUS using a comma.

Bit harsh, aft... oh, you said com m a.
ETP26 posts since 22 Nov 2010
Not entirely related, but did I hear that stings were created for the Dancer idents and got played out in Northern Ireland, or did I make that up?

BBC NI did indeed make use of promo stings during the 'Dancers' era.