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Gluben540 posts since 15 Jan 2004
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At this point, I've lost the ability to care all that much, especially after last year.

BBC One will probably be along a similar vein to Sprout Boy. I wouldn't be surprised to see a CGI Christmas pudding in three subtle variations using the typical "current faces of the channel" motif (Peter Capaldi, Mary Berry, Gary Lineker etc.).

And BBC Two will no doubt recycle last year's idea of recycled idents with the annoying "two" carolers.

And they'll all air ridiculously early, i.e. Thursday 1st December.

A cynic I may be, but it's what I've come to expect these past few years. 2016 has been a pretty rubbish year so to round it off with these would be fitting.
mdtauk6,125 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I'd use it as a launching point for a totally new look for the channel. So new logo, music, brand style, font, colours. Then launch the new idents and channel music on New Years.

BBC One often launches a new look 1st January, it's just that they then only use it part time for a month or so!

True, but its typically the Love 201X tweaks to the existing branding. BBC One has had the same look for more than 10 years now, it needs a big refresh. If not in 2017 and at Christmas, then definitely at the same time as the replacement for Bake Off launches.
Wicko1,529 posts since 3 Dec 2003
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It really is that time of year again! BBC1 Christmas speculation. I am going for Sprout Boy again but with tweaks! I agree with the poster who says BBC1 needs a new look. It is looking like a much loved living room with the wallpaper hanging off!
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