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Back on topic and we got a breakdown slide, same as the promo style: *
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Two of the creators of this year’s film were interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning around 7:45. Naga seemed to catch them both off guard when she asked something along the lines of ‘ why do bbc one need to make a film when people will be watching over Christmas no matter what ’.

Simple answer- they don't need to, however for the last 4 Christmases, it seems to have become the done thing for BBC One. While I don't object to these mini-films per se, my main gripe is that the associated idents can come across as something of an after-thought.

It's today's marketing. Everything has to have depth and meaning and be worthy. You can't stick a robin or snowman on an ident any more just because it's festive. There has to be an underlying message. You see it in other types of advertising and now its got a grip of the BBC.
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The whole point of idents is to fill in the small gaps between programmes - it really shouldn't be about making a statement on society.

It's bizarre that they are creating films that are firstly unrelated to anything on BBC One at Christmas and secondly encouraging people to get away from the tv and go and have chips by the pier. It's so random.
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BBC2 have shown this year that idents are much better when they're created to do the job they are there to do rather than have some kind of meaning or story.

The extended film isn't particularly the issue - it's just this year the whole concept is that little bit dull. Even if you weren't a fan of sprout boy or last years set they had a bit life to them and caught your attention rather than faded into the bankrupt.
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The Christmas day schedule on BBC 1 is truly dreadful. Its the worst in years, surely?

There are some regulars:

Strictly now occupying the Doctor Who slot.

Michael McIntyre has been promoted once again to Christmas night, and since he pulls in big ratings on a Saturday, Michael is the perfect family friendly entertainment for Christmas night.

The usual Call the Midwife, 90 minutes is a very long special.

Eastenders as always, usual mix of sadness, murder and complete bleakness for your Christmas night

The obligatory Mrs Browns Boys - I am getting a bit tired of this show now. Get ready for the recycled jokes, 1970s material, pretend "outtakes" left in (usually rehearsed as I have discovered) and the feel good Christmas singalong at the end.

Why is Outnumbered on at 10.50pm? This I assume is the 2016 Christmas special? BBC seems to have given up after 10.50pm.
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I know Call the Midwife is popular but a 90 minute special right across the middle of prime time seems a bit much, and a bit heavy for Christmas night.

I think we are coming very close to Mrs Brown’s Boys not being made anymore, this year might be the last year.

I’m not sure there is one big highlight on BBC One on Christmas Day that they can hang all the promotion off.
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Brendan O'Carrol want to finish the series this xmas, and replace it with more All round to mrs browns which could do alright on Xmas day. I would also spilt Eastenders up into two parts.