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argyess43 posts since 6 Jan 2009
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Could continue with 'News' till the Sunday Dr W repeat, run the Tennant intro again then, and revert at 1655 Sunday to Normal ID. Would give the final extended holiday weekend a good send off.

The normal idents will definitely resume on Saturday 2nd January.

Can't complain, the dr who ident has run for a whopping 21 days, longer than any other bbc1 xmas ident!

It's only happened twice before where the bbc's xmas idents have run beyond New Years Day when there was a UK Bank Holiday afterwards (ie when Jan 1st fell on the weekend).
Brekkie34,852 posts since 4 Jan 2003 Recently warned
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One things for sure - they can't recycle this years ident! Well, not unless they do a very bad hatchet job on it - and the BBC would never treat their idents in such a way, would they? Rolling Eyes
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Granada Wales Today
Sorry if this has already been spotted but I notice NI have a different strap running over the credits - have they not been using ECPs or is it just an alternative to Network's strap? It's the same horrible red box design but with the lower 1/5 of the screen the Christmas background.

It's on TV Live's Youtube channel here. They do have their own version of the Network full-screen ECP but the overlaid straps seem to be used more often than on Network - ISTR them using a version before Christmas that had the text on a translucent black background, though I might be mistaken.

On the subject of ECPs, BBC Wales used this slide after Doctor Who last night:
(Sorry - my DVD recorder's not working so this is a digital photo.)

I quite like it - was it used elsewhere or just in Wales? (probably the latter)
It seems there are several versions of the local red box logo with various sizes of text - it doesn't appear on the ECP, unless it's a local programme that's being advertised (in which case the BBC One font is used instead of Gill Sans).