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chris4,388 posts since 6 Jul 2005
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How long have they been producing the "Today" menus? Although they only list two programmes same as the next/later slides they must be set up differently as they don't have the irritating feature of the text turning up late and disappearing early.

Since 2006.

Don't be rude, and wrong.

The current "today" slides are new, its predecessor has indeed been around for a while but the text always used to appear a few frames after the background and disappear a few frames to early, the current one (new in the last few days with a new font for "today" doesn't do this.

Has anyone got a capture of this?
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Does BBC One now revert to the 'News' version of the Christmas idents? Or will they continue to show the David Tennant version?

Also when do the Christmas idents stop and the normal ones return?

Thanks and Happy New Year!
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In scotland in there should be kept at least till Sunday night
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Sorry if this has already been spotted but I notice NI have a different strap running over the credits - have they not been using ECPs or is it just an alternative to Network's strap? It's the same horrible red box design but with the lower 1/5 of the screen the Christmas background.