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Well, the BBC have kindly provided me with some wonderful quality BBC ONE and BBC TWO clock images, so I'm busy making v2.0. It will still be done in VB, but this time each version will be standalone, ie not combined, so the files won't be so big. Also the code will be totally rewritten from scratch.

Also included will be a limited edition News 24 screensaver.. What do I mean by limited edition you may ask... Well... It means it will only be available to the first fifty people who request it. Bear in mind that the original version was sent to over 70 people.

So, if you want it, PM me with your email address, and version(s) of clock you want.

All requests must be received by 1st August 2001.

The release date will hopefully be 1st August 2001, subject to change.

This version will include that same easter egg as before, however it will be working on all versions, and many more surprises Wink

I won't say any more, all I ask is for your request to be accepted, you must do the following:

PM me with:
Your email address
Version of clock


you MUST post a reply to THIS thread saying you want it. Many people last time only PM'd me. This time it is compulsory that you PM me and reply to this thread as well....

Well, I'm off now to watch the Big Brother eviction programme, back soon! Very Happy

Images are (C) BBC. The screensavers can and will be removed at the discression of BBC.
LOL! I can tell your an avid veiwer of news 24 - you need to be told things twice! Wink

I'll have the News 24 and BBC 1 SS please! Wink

BBC Choice
Yes Please! I've PMed u as well.
Whichever are possible please!! Smile
Thanks Jamez, I have been watching you all from afar in the last couple of days, and thought I would join up.

By the way having said I would like the screensavers, I cannot find j2k's email address. HELP!!!!Sad
DUH!!!! I have just realised what PM is!!!



(Who is used to using disc-server forums designed for simple people!)Very Happy
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Could I please have all three (BBC One BBC Two and BBC News 24) Screensavers V2

Thankyou in advance

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