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Wicko1,529 posts since 3 Dec 2003
Meridian (South) South Today
If the style continued with the new idents I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the last we've seen of these Christmas idents, though I would hope they at least add to them if they reuse them.

(****, just realised I'm speculating on Christmas 2017 idents 16 minutes into the New Year)

Yep Brekkie! Just 48weeks until December! Happy New Year buddie! You are a delight to debate with, infuriating sometimes, but always a delight.
If we only get one life, why does it take several attempts to get it right?
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Despite rumours of reusing the Christmas idents every year in these money strapped times, it never happens even in this era of cuts

The very small number of times it did happen in the mid 00s were the exception rather than the rule and shouldn't be seen as any sort of precident