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Argybargy236 posts since 7 Nov 2012
Granada North West Today
It's, well.... different isn't it? I wonder if this bloke ate Sprout Boy?

One thing I will say though- the background music was quite nice. It would've been nicer if it hadn't had a group of blokes shouting "way-hay" over it!!
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fanoftv7,543 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
Different for BBC One. It seems weird having voices heard on the idents, especially including phrases such as "you legend" heard in the background, it's a long way from David Tennant's Doctor or Wallace's expressive noises of joy.

I presume there will be quite a few so like ITV's they shouldn't become repetitive over the next few weeks.

The animations and transitions are lovely.