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Mike W4,657 posts since 30 Apr 2006
2point4 Children would itself have gone on longer had Gary Olsen not passed away, I beleive it had already been commissioned for a 9th series!

I remember reading on IMDB Andrew Marshall saying that it had been commissioned, some scripts were being developed (but not written) and they were booking studio space when news of Gary Olsen's illness/passing away came through.
Andrew12,121 posts since 27 Mar 2001
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I've always enjoyed Not Going Out, but I think it'll feel like a different show, now that Lee and Lucy are parents.

It's a similar situation for Outnumbered, I'd say. I thought that would have ended years ago, perhaps after Series 3. I've never felt the show was quite as funny after the kids stopped being kids, as that was the whole foundation of the show.

How Outnumbered will work now Ben looks to be bigger than the rest of the family put together remains to be seen. Might be best just as a one off.
Brekkie27,569 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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Really don't get the recommissioning of Not Going Out - it's rated OK but never really been a breakout hit and as talented as Lee Mack is I don't think he could be considered a star the BBC need to keep on side. Would rather see something new given the chance really but I don't think the BBC has had a single new sitcom series this year - perhaps even for a couple of years.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?