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Hands up how many TV Forumers are sitting through Bryan Adams before switching off, just to see what ident is used into the next programme?!

So I take it I wasn't the only one who left the TV on for a little bit longer after watching Bryan Adams. Did like the collective "Happy New Year" during the announcement.
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Inspector Sands13,971 posts since 25 Aug 2004

No ident yet after midnight. They really should've advertised that Bryan Adams thing and the fireworks as a single programme - they blended into each other seamlessly.

They've done that the last few years. Having the fireworks as a separate programme is done so that those who don't like the singer won't be put off turning in at midnight, and of course they're easier to record.

The other reason is probably so they appear in the ratings by themselves. The other year they were the highest rated programme of that year.... Just the 15 mins of fireworks
Jay Lee617 posts since 7 Apr 2015
Curiously mixed feelings about normal service resuming ident-wise on BBC One this morning. On the one hand, it's odd we don't get a New Year package this year. On the other, it's nice to see normality resuming after the monotony of the Sprout Boy idents.

Come October, the BBC One idents will be a decade old! Time flies. This is assuming there are no new idents this year. I'm not holding my breath.

Happy New Year!
HarryB2,130 posts since 1 Nov 2013
Menu is pretty much straight forward - not keen on the text overlaying the 'bulbs?'


EDIT: realised they didn't have the end board for 'Tomorrow' and instead this promo showed a full date.
HarryB2,130 posts since 1 Nov 2013
They do that at this time of year as nobody knows what day and/or date it is, when they start to show just the day it shouldn't overlap the bulbs.

So if nobody knows what day or date it is - why would they add a day and date?! Wouldn't it be much easier for the views to understand 'tomorrow'; like I said? Laughing
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The trailer for Iron Man 3 shown after Wreck-it Ralph had "© 2015 Marvel" stamped on the bottom left corner of the first shot, something I've never seen on a BBC One film trailer before.

Not sure why it says 2015, either, since it came out in 2013 and is being shown in 2016...