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Andrew12,311 posts since 27 Mar 2001
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I don't understand why they drop the Christmas idents on New Year's Day.

It's obviously because idents are used for marketing rather than presentation these days. From a marketing point of view, Christmas is done, '2016 on the BBC' is the marketing angle now. Like retail shops who take down the Xmas decs after Christmas Eve.

Even worse if they have nothing special to replace them. Doesn't make any sense.
MMcG198471 posts since 14 Dec 2014
UTV Newsline
Enjoy 2016 on Northern Ireland...


Well, I'm sure BBC NI can be relied upon to make good use of whatever new pres elements have been made available. Looks like this particular graphic is potentially restricted to endboards and a sting?

If we're going to be stuck with this pres package until its tenth anniversary (and possibly beyond), hopefully BBC NI might acquire copies of the main ident set with the correct frame rate - the existing fault is particularly noticeable on Penguins and Capes.
Wicko1,508 posts since 3 Dec 2003
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Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2016 is a good one for you all. I enjoyed Duncan's announcement at 1.15am where he said "And I don't want to see another sprout until next Christmas!"

Am wondering whether the lack of new January idents this year suggests that the investment has been put into a permanent new pres pack instead? With BBC3 closing down, could this be the perfect time to relaunch the remaining channels?
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