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The TOTP thing is a one off if only because of the ridiculous gradients that I haven't seen applied to the logo since. Certainly around the 2012 Olympics they applied block colours like pink and orange and it looked horrid in my eyes. But nothing as bad as the TOTP example
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The rules clearly got relaxed after a few years- certainly by 2003 when the top of the pops titles had the BBC logo animating on and off letter by letter.

The TOTP animation broke the rules of the time then... They hadn't been relaxed, they just weren't enforced... These days there isn't really anyone who has that responsibility in the corporation on a day-to-day basis...

More recently than TOTP the branding guidelines were revised, allowing the blocks to animate in 3D, and for users to 'play' with the logo a bit more. I think the overall project was called 'Trinity' - but not sure many areas have exploited the opportunities that much. The "On the BBC" trails have a bit of fun I guess.