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Bbc News Relaunch Titles

(January 2004)

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Just wondering what will the new news titles be like on the relaunched 1/6/10 BBC one news, theres been rumors that inkeeping with the new BBC corporate look it will be like N24 and WORLD but personally i ahte the N24/WORLD new titles, i mean relaunch good, but the images don't match. anyhoot just wondering if any of you guys had an idea/knowledge of the new look Arrow
Personally i'd love to see a varying degree of a mixture of titles.

Perhaps before the start of the news - I.E during normal day (not weekend/bank holls output) I think we should have a local "Opt - in for an introduction, it should be sort of like the countdown we see on N24 - but entirly local - with the regional words displayed i.e Yorkshire & North Midlands and the introduction as "This is BBC One at 5.59 PM"

Start of ten second countdown comes in (adds a little drama I think - and prepares everyone for it)

* then Boom national presenter announces main headline, then may be followed by first local headline in the regions , then national 2nd headline then local and national and so on for a minute ( well ok it probably wouldn't work)

* Then Get N24 type Titles in the white and red - but with maybe presenter faces and something like " AT 6 pm the News with Sophie and George.

..... Rolling Eyes Razz

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