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(August 2001)

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Martin Founding member
Has anyone noticed after one o'clock on News 24 the studio was really bright as if too many lights were on. Val Sanderson looked funny with a white suit on against a white background, it seems afer 1.30 everything is back to normal maybe someone put the wrong bulb in!
Or the contrast setting on your telly is knackered?! Wink
Martin Founding member
no because every other channel was fine and they changes it during the weather because after 1.30 it went back to normall
I'm sure I've seen BBC News 24 at times when there appears to be very PINK light shining down on the ivory surfaces, particulary towards the left and right periphery of the set. (I think it was a weekday somewhere between 18:00 - 20:00)

What's all that about? News for the gay community perhaps?
Techy Peep Founding member
If you look at the shots of Presenter Right when they're doing an interview, you'll see that the Newsroom is full of windows, so when the Sun comes out and the angle is right, it streams onto set

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