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I think it was some time in the summer holidays last year.
Nick D
My favourite BBC NEWS presenter is George Alagiah. I recently wrote to him asking how he got into BBC NEWS and he rang me at my house! I was bloody gob-smacked. He had to ask if I was OK, but he gave me his phone number at London studios if I never needed him again!
So cool! (that happenned 17/04/2001)
Ian3 posts since 23 Nov 2004 new member
(Prepares for the 'shouting down in flames'

I actually quite like Matthew Amroiliaiuilwroolouiwala (I think that's right Smile) - he does Breaking News very well, and can improvise really well when co-ordinating the Breaking News.
Davidjb1,510 posts since 23 Mar 2001
all matthew amwalawala says is this is bbc news 24, we will keep you up to date here on bbc news 24, this is bbc news 24 the time is... i think he is paid just to say the service name.
Gary136 posts since 24 Mar 2001
ian posted:
Surely someone on planet earth must agree with me?



Or slightly agree?

I also agree with you. I don't see anything wrong with Matthew or Jane for that matter!
Square Eyes7,800 posts since 31 Mar 2001
I actually do like Matthew thingy, I know everyone knocks him here. I too think that he handles breaking news well, I like his interviews, and he has a sense of humour. I've been watching his partnership with Jane whatsaname and they seem OK together.