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(June 2001)

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Yeah I agree that the red background would probably look ok on the aston with cream text. It's all just boils down to aesthetics in the end - eg the other thread re the Red backdrop. The BBC really could do a lot. The competition in the field is fierce and one revamp every few years is no longer sufficient. The old style astons now used on Breakfast did look much better. I think they should also add the BBC Logo at the bottom left - just to strengthen the channel branding. After all, Sky does!!
sky's logo is a square, so it will look ok.
rob Founding member
(News 24 wastes a lot of screen space with their DOGs and clock Compared to sky who have it all in one corner.)
Why do the beeb use purple??? It doesn't fit in with any of the BBC branding.
Techy Peep Founding member
I guess no-one likes them then!

Why don't we start a petition & send it to the beeb?
Davidjb Founding member
why do you say that the purple astons go with none of the set. they fit the colour scheme better than the current breakfast ones. they are much easier to read from than the creme ones.
BBC Choice
Ok, it looks like I'm in a minority here, but I'd just like to say that the new Breaking News aston may be annoying, but it's by FAR better than the last one, which didn't even line-up with the DOG - it was a boring aston which didn't grab the attention at all.
But this new one does, and I like it and hope it stays. I can only suggest that they slow down the changing so that BREAKING NEWS appears for say 5 seconds, then the headline appears for 10 seconds. Failing that, it could be on a constant scroll ticker, similar to Sky News', so the text could go 'BREAKING NEWS - - - MAN DISCOVERS PARKING METER-SHAPED GERBIL' which will scroll slowly across the screen, so that it's noticable, but doesn't distract the viewers' attentions too much.
Steve Naylor
I agree the News24 Breaking News aston is better than the other but it is still really annoying! The Sky News Breaking News aston is really good but the sound really makes it. I suspect many people have Sky News/News24 on in the background (I have Sky News on now) and the small noise just alerts you that something is happening. You would detect the noise where you may not detect the presenters voices.

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