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harshy5,818 posts since 24 Mar 2001
I totally agree, they need more atmosphere in their set like BBC World, and it would be nice that instead of using short sting, they could use a short sting for sport at 15 past and a short sting for business at 45 past.

A better headlines vamp would be brilliant(an enhanced version of the World vamp without thunderclaps is what I am thinking)

They could redevelop the aston, put the 'LIVE' caption at the top below BBC News 24 like World does(why does BBC World only have it????)

Basically lots to improve on!!!!!!!Smile

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Pete Davis
This sounds completly stupid. You cant exactly merge a Wolrd news channel with a UK one, youd end up with a right royal mess. This is stupid.

Although the NEws 24 studio could do with being a bit bigger, I think its alright. I dont think they should become a clone of BBC World - they should be seperate channels.
I think such a move (and I'm almost convinced it's just a rumour now) would be a terrible move on behalf of the BBC. mdta, I see that you are in support of a merger, and yes, this would almost certainly mean new graphics, but the channel's output and quality would be drastically reduced - NEWS 24 and WORLD are two very different news channels, the most important difference being the WORLD looks at stories from an international point of view for an international audience, whilst NEWS 24 is a British channel for a British audience. A merger would almost certainly ruin the channel for either the British or International audience, and I don't think the BBC can afford to lose either.
you dont seem to understand, i mean a merger of their graphix, presentation, suites, etc. cut money that way, but have seperate outputs.
itsrobert6,185 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Well if you watch out in January, you will be hearing a 'zippier' vamp overnight. It'll be a mizture of the Overnight one and the World one, but in the TWT style!!
rts2,747 posts since 14 Oct 2001
Please note how I said 'insider info'. Hint hint. BBC World cannot broadcast in the UK due to national heritage but there are plans for a change in the law...

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i mean zippy in the LDN Sense, without the signature obviously.

BBC World music isnt fresh enough, but it is better than the current.
harshy5,818 posts since 24 Mar 2001
rts posted:
Please note how I said 'insider info'. Hint hint. BBC World cannot broadcast in the UK due to national heritage but the are plans for a change in the law...

I don't see how this merger will work because BBC Crap 24 and BBC World are for two different audiences, mind you we will be able to BBC regional news, so maybe BBC World has a chance too!