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Gary136 posts since 24 Mar 2001
For some reason I seem to think that some of the BBC News 24 weather reports are pre-recorded, and are not actually live! Can anyone confirm if this is true.

Marcus1,289 posts since 2 Jul 2001
You could be right Gary. Even weather presenters need a break sometime. I know the overnight ones are as they have to go and prepare all the regional forcasts for the morning. And some are during the day.
Gary136 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Martin posted:
I think its a shame some of them are recorded as its nice to see a bit of interaction between the weather presenter and the newsreader.

Yes I also agree with what you're saying. Sometime it can be quite funny. For example, months ago, Carol Kirkwood placed her hand on Peter Dobbie's knee, and told her to get her hand off! As a result she laughed and laughed all the way through her weather broadcast. It was very good indeed!