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Just a minute ago, I was looking at the screens behind the prestnes on news 24 and spotted the bbc worldbreak filler showing on two of them. But, on two other screens there was what looked like the bbc one apology caption and quickly flicked over to see if bbc one had gone off air again but it was still on air. I just thought it was a bit wierd.
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I think the screen's in the studio showing other BBC channels is quite a good idea.

I like the TV's screen's just above the presenters, one shows a live picture of BBC News online. I wonder if they they have a feature where it refreshes itself every few minutes or so? Smile
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Asa posted:
The screens behind show BBC One digital - only analogue was affected earlier this evening (see other thread)

Cheers, Asa

Not strictly true. They show the output from DNC1 directly. There is no monitoring off-air of BBC digital channels unless specifically requested at TV Centre.

In other words, DNC1 could be broadcasting quite happily, but the link to NTL could be broken so you the viewers might not be seeing anything and DNC1 is oblivious to the fact that they aren't radiating