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BBC Motion Gallery

I know this should be in media websites but its not really the website I'm talking about its the idea so bear with me.

For those who have not seen it the new BBC archive is now online with lots of stock footage and nice clips, all free. They even cater for dial up people.

But what do you think of the idea? Personally I agree with it because it is "My BBC" and I should be able to watch and re-watch clips as my leasure... but what stops other people leaching the material and using as their own?
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Is there a charge for access to the clips?
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well if i've read properly the site will be IP whitelisted to lock it to UK addresses and the clips will be free for "non-commercial use". I presume they'll have some sort of hidden watermark and won't be of broadcast quality but I haven't investigated that far yet so don't quote me on that last bit.