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Probably won't be too long now then until Alan Carr is announced as host?. Well CH4 seem to be throwing everything else at him these days.
Inspector Sands11,251 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Other than the recasting issues I doubt it has affected them - surely any lockdown is about the broadcast rather than making the show.

Depends when they normally start doing auditions and when they hire in the crews and resources. I assume it's been filmed in the spring/early summer, they might have had aot of that sorted by now. If they weren't sure they were even going to show it this year they might just be starting all that
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Given Prue stepped down from judging on 'The Great British Menu' at the end of the last series (a pretty shrewd move as that show has, in recent series become a treadmill parody of itself), I have wondered how long before stories of her being tentbound would be.

Not a bad shout. Continues with the Paul Hollywood and 'matriarchral' female dynamic.
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