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I can imagine if it went to Sky, they'd have the creative freedom to continue to evolve the format, but would lose 95% of their audience.

An ITV move would ultimately see as mentioned Phil and Holly or Ant & Dec present which may put off some of Bake Off's older audience, but become more commercial.

Clearly the BBC didn't want to take it any more commercial than it is now and licence payers money shouldn't subsidise a production that clearly has those values.
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It's one of those cases, they might make more money from the rights by selling a channel elsewhere, but the brand could likely became less valuable over time due to the decreased popularity and lsot prestige of no longer being on the BBC. So might not be a good thing for them in the long run.
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Oh well. I think this is the end of an era for British TV. No, I'm being serious.

I think Top Gear will have to relaunch again next year.
Great British Bake Off leaves BBC and goes to ITV. Ratings inevitably drop as a few presenters leave.
X-Factor loses viewers.
Voice leaves BBC.
Several big names leave certain shows.
Doctor Who probably goes off for a few years and comes back (again).

Yeah. I know all of this probably won't happen. But, for TV historians, this era is probably wearing a bit thin.

Sorry for a bit of an overdramatic first post. Wink Razz