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Well this is what I mean when I said there is great work coming out from uk design agencies only it's not broadcast in the uk.

These idents really look so much better and the HD is done properly it's so much crisper and all the trailers are in HD too.
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Well this is what I mean when I said there is great work coming out from uk design agencies only it's not broadcast in the uk.

I think that's often been the case thought, hasn't it? When BBC One had the uninspiring dancers and ITV were in that weird phase of chopping their logo into squares even though the font really didn't suit it, English & Pockett transformed TVR's image:




And I remember thinking, "if Romanian television could commission something as elegant, relevant and modern as this, what's going wrong at home?"
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Stylistic - BBC America's gone for a robotic-ish approach to promos, there's barely any voiceovers.

And there is barely and new programming to match. So rubbish now. Hardly anything new airing on the channel. Its literally all old StarTrek episodes and they are now airing old CSI Miami. Whoooo. They throw in the odd Dr Who, a movie here or there and the odd old Top Gear. Graham Norton is probably the only the new thing they usually show. THey will be showing Planet Earth II and the new Broadchurch but those new shows are so far and few between..... its a such a waster of channel.

If Planet Earth II was the only thing they showed all year it would be worth it.

BBC America looks very good - would be nice to see the idents (however brief) that go with them.

I'm quite a fan of the Union Jack idents they had probably over a decade or so ago now. We always used to say the BBC would probably get too much flack for having an identity based around the Union Jack but in these post-truth Brexit times I can't see the Daily Mail having much to argue against.

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Since the thread has a description of BBC Earth I think either AMC or Comcast Cable has increased the bitrates for the channel now that BBC Earth 2 has launched. The picture quality is better than before (where it was good). I'm wonder if AMC decided to use VBR or fixed (for certain shows letting the rest fight it out) when they upload their multiplex to the satellite for the headends to receive.
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