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With BBC1's effort being so uninspiring I thought it was worth looking what BBC channels around the world are doing. Please add if you can:

BBC Entertainment:

BBC Earth:

BBC Knowledge:

BBC Brit (probably most comparable to what BBC1 is aiming for, but done much better):

BBC UKTV relaunched late last year but can't find the idents. Also what is BBC America doing now, and does BBC Canada still exist?
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Stylistic - BBC America's gone for a robotic-ish approach to promos, there's barely any voiceovers.

And there is barely and new programming to match. So rubbish now. Hardly anything new airing on the channel. Its literally all old StarTrek episodes and they are now airing old CSI Miami. Whoooo. They throw in the odd Dr Who, a movie here or there and the odd old Top Gear. Graham Norton is probably the only the new thing they usually show. THey will be showing Planet Earth II and the new Broadchurch but those new shows are so far and few between..... its a such a waster of channel.
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